Makes the developer's life easy

Our kit includes a Javascript that simplifies integrating digital signature support into your web application


Our software is compatible with all operating systems and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer & Edge). SafeNet, YubiKey and other PKCS#11 keys are supported. Don’t limit yourself to one token manufacturer!

Supported digital signature tokens, operating systems and browsers


Due to linear plugin installation process with contextual help users will sign the first document just in a minute

An easy way to connect your web applications with user’s smartcard or USB token


Sign a document using a standard browser
with local digital signature


Build a website authentication system based on hardware digital signature keys
Question: What are the server requirements for a website that uses the function of digitally signing the documents?
Answer: Browser Digital Signature Kit is a client software. That means that your browser will get access to the user’s digital signature only after installing a special plug-in on user’s machine. To simplify the interaction with the signature device our kit includes a javascript. This script unifies the plug-in interface so there is no need to take into account the specificity of different browsers.

for one domain use




basic support


adding new key types

for multiple domain use


2499 $

from 5000 $

basic support


adding new key types

How it works

Accessing hardware resources, e.g. smartcards or USB tokens, from website is a tricky task

Firstly, you need some middleware that links user’s browser with his local signature. Our kit includes a plug-in for this purpose

Secondly, the browser must access plug-in using some API. The easiest way to do it is to use NPAPI. Unfortunately Chrome, Firefox and Edge removed support for NPAPI plugins and added the new Native Messaging API. We created extensions for these browsers to access the new API

And finally you should solve the problem of the browser – plug-in interaction: this process is OS and browser-dependent. To handle this problem we created a Javascript that unifies and simplifies this communication