As we announced last year, Firefox plans to drop support for all NPAPI plugins, except Flash, in March 2017

Mozilla Drops Support For NPAPI Plugins In Firefox 52

The most common way to embed the digital signing function into the website is to use NPAPI plug-ins.
It means that with Firefox 52 you won’t be able to use hardware signature tokens in the usual way.

Examples of errors

  • This plug-in is not supported
  • NPAPI plugin is required by this app
  • The applet couldn't start
  • The browser does not support NPAPI plug-ins
  • This site uses a plug-in that is unsupported
  • Couldn't load plug-in

Browser Digital Signature Kit includes a special Firefox extension and a plug-in. Once the user installs this software your website can search certificates and sign data in a way you need it

There is a solution!

Our software doesn't use NPAPI in Firefox and works in other browsers